Ubuntu 16, Bind and disabling ipv6

I furiously tried to convert bind to operate only on ipv4 addresses but no success.

Ubuntu way is to add-4 to OPTIONS at /etc/default/bind9

-> No success After googling I found out the systemd has hijacked the startup and does not use the bind9-config file at all. A proper script to modify is /lib/systemd/system/bind9.service .. […]


I had to reinstall one of my servers and had trouble with re-installation of the noip2-package. I was unable to find the configuration file and google search on example no-ip2.conf-file came up empty.

The reason for not finding the example file was simple: the file is binary and contents were like ‘^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@<^@^^’.

So if you […]

Linux 4.4 and Phenom powersave

I tried to make my old Phenom II X4 B50 be more power friendly with the newest ubuntu 16.04 but the CPU’s were stuck at 3.2 GHz.

Cpufreq-set did not report errors, not it did not do the change (never happened me before). I googled a bit and Linux 4.4 is using acpi-cpufreq driver and […]

Raspberry PI 3

I got my PI 3 last week and finally had some time to play with it.

The new PI has more memory and faster CPU – they are noticable abd the integrated WLAN is a nice addition. External antenna would be nice, I need to check on that. Drilled holes make PI easily attacheable to […]

Vdr ja EPG ei toimi

Minua on pidempään kiusannut heron, friin ja nyttemmin foxin ja tv5:n, joiden EPG:t eivät toimi. Sinnikkäästi aika ajoin skannailin kanavia uusiksi ja etsin ratkaisua.

Puolivahingossa huomasin että käyttämästäni w_scan ohjelmasta oli 2014 versio (ubuntussani oli 2013). Täräytin uuden haun ja eroavaisuuksia löytyi (kanava-tiedot ovat Oulun lähettimen arvoja);

Vanha channels.conf TV5;SBS Finland:738000:B8C23G8M64S0T8Y0:T:27500:513=2:660=@4:0:4:161:8438:12289:0 Hero;Sanoma:738000:B8:T:27500:531=2:631=fin@4:0:0:450:0:0:0 Frii;SBS Finland:738000:B8:T:27500:532=2:632=fin@4:0:0:451:0:0:0 FOX;Fox […]

Ubuntu 12.04 booting problems

I’ve had a problem booting more recent kernel than 3.2.0-43-generic-pae, I just got “error: couldn’t mount because of unsupported optional features (240)” .. and a reboot. I could always use the -43 kernel or more older, they would work.

Some googling suggested I was trying to mount ext2 or ext3 filesystem as ext4. The fstab […]

Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy” sound woes

My VDR box has gone another few years and now there’s been slight hints of pending hw-failure. I believe this is 5th hw upgrade now.

I installed the latest Ubuntu 13.10 and hoped the VDR transfer would be a breeze, even though the previous box was heavily hand modified and configured. Luckily there was not […]

Xineliboutput woes *solved*

I had to reinstall my vdr-box and got into problems compiling custom (beta) vdr 1.7.33 with cvs xineliboutput.

The compilation was ok, but when starting vdr-sxfe, I got multitude of error messages like;

“WARNING: Client and server versions of xinelibout are different”, “unknown control CONFIG END”, “[input_vdr] TCP: Buffer too small (8192 ; incoming frame […]

libsqlite.so missing

I had problems with Ubuntu upgrade – the 11.10 did not install libsqlite (version 2) by default. Searched solution but no definitive answer.

Then; aptitude found “libsqlite0”-package, installed and problem solved.

Ubuntu 10.10 and directfb

I’ve had many new gray hairs due the directfb. My first experience was with Fedora Core 3, which was quite ok to configure. After that, I’ve tried a newer Fedora, Gentoo and today, the Ubuntu – all were extremely painful and I have not succeeded to have stock directfb working.

The current Ubuntu had 1.2 […]