Raspberry PI 3

I got my PI 3 last week and finally had some time to play with it.

The new PI has more memory and faster CPU – they are noticable abd the integrated WLAN is a nice addition. External antenna would be nice, I need to check on that. Drilled holes make PI easily attacheable to any existing case too.
USB powered and one can use those small charging stations for cheap “UPS”.

I’ve encountered on some charging stations that they lack online supply, thus if you connect the device to the output AND the mains power simultaneously, the output is disabled.

Ebay had some cheap cases for PI, including the heatsinks for the three main IC’s, hopefully they arrive next week.

There are problems though;

For some reason, the current raspbian distro has a WLAN driver which OOPSes within a minute thus halting the PI.
No updates available :-/

Somebody had made a simple script to make PI resilient for poweroutages and writing, https://github.com/tvdzwan/hyperion/wiki/Make-Raspbian-Read-Only. I think this is critical change for any PI with 24/7 availability. I have already burned one 8GB sd-card on my old PI 1 by writing too many times on it.

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