Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy” sound woes

My VDR box has gone another few years and now there’s been slight hints of pending hw-failure. I believe this is 5th hw upgrade now.

I installed the latest Ubuntu 13.10 and hoped the VDR transfer would be a breeze, even though the previous box was heavily hand modified and configured. Luckily there was not […]

Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS startup problem

We’ve had some servers with Ubuntu 8 LTS installed. The time has passed and I finally had some time to try to upgrade servers to newest Ubuntu LTS distribution.

The do-release-upgrade worked just fine, until I made a reboot.

Kernel started but hung after root partition was found and should be mounting partitions. I tried […]

Ubuntu 10.10 and directfb

I’ve had many new gray hairs due the directfb. My first experience was with Fedora Core 3, which was quite ok to configure. After that, I’ve tried a newer Fedora, Gentoo and today, the Ubuntu – all were extremely painful and I have not succeeded to have stock directfb working.

The current Ubuntu had 1.2 […]