Jooan 720P IP camera (JA-A5-US)

Aliexpress had an interesting (=cheap, 21 USD) WLAN IP-camera. I made an order and the camera arrived today.


On a Android phone WITH a correct WLAN already associated, install Yoosee-software and choose device and plus-sign on the right side of the screen and choose Smartlink.
The phone will ask to confirm you hear the camera “beeping” (takes about 15 sec) and then you must input your WLAN password.

Note: Only 2.4GHz band, WPA2 preshared secret and DHCP-server must be present in the network.

After the password prompt, the phone will audiably “play” the settings to the camera and within few seconds the camera will make a sound confirming the setting reception.

However, I did not succeed with my workplace’s WLAN accesspoint with multiple SSID’s broadcasted. At my house the access point had only one and camera associated to it without a problem.

The video can be seen with at least VLC; “Open Network stream” and type in the path:Screenshot
rtsp:///onvif1 (h.264 1280×738, mono sound)
rtsp:///onvif2 (h.264 320×194, no sound)

I was unable to update the device firmware , even though there were newer version available.




There’s a microSD reader on the side, but it would not recognize the card I put there. Hmm..

And later in the evening, the camera firmware update proceeded but halted.

#edit 2

The SD-card must be 8-64GB in size to be detected. It couldn’t format the card (failed) but it worked anyway.

The android APP has multiple fatal bugs:

  • The motion recording is flaky, usually doesn’t record anything.
  • I have been unable to capture any still images.
  • Can’t manually record video.
  • Recorded videos can’t be deleted.
  • The SD-card format problem.
  • Update problem.
  • Connectivity problems

I found out the motion software I use with analog cameras can’t connect to h264 rtsp streams *sigh*, so no alternatives to bad android app.

#edit 3

The setting for android app; ID (ID on the sticker on the back of the camera), device password 123.

2 comments to Jooan 720P IP camera (JA-A5-US)

  • Peter


    What do you think about the security of this camera? I know there were some issues with Chinese cameras that had a major security flaw. Anyway, Thank You for the great write up

  • jjarven

    Hmm, I was positive I already answered but seems the answer is missing;

    I think if you assume the sound and picture will be monitored by a 3rd party and position the camera in such way it does not matter, then you will be fine with this device.

    My biggest concern is the security on the server side (where the camera connects to), if it be hacked, can the camera be used to launch attacks to other sites and possibly listen on the home network?

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