Samsung Galaxy S and Kies

I bought Galaxy S with JJ3 firmware inside. I had problems especially with the GPS (not locating at all). I read about the current updates (before Froyo is released) and decided to try upgrading the firmware.

The first and only problem, the Kies software.

I downloaded the newest Kies from Samsung’s site, installed, rebooted and tried to upgrade. The Kies recognizes the phone, looks up a JM2 update, offers to upgrade, starts to download and crashes (5/5 times) with error relating to out of memory. I googled a lot and found out numerous similar experiences.

I tried to upgrade the phone with my PC at work, but it didn’t even recognize the phone(!). I wrote flame-email to Samsung and googled once again. This time, some results;

*** The current Kies at Samsung site is not functioning correctly ***

The last working version is – this version can be found with google. After removing the newest Kies and installing the older one, the PC was unable to find the phone. This can be corrected by opening Kies and clicking Kies at the window’s top left corner. From there you can choose to reinstall the driver. Close Kies, restart and the phone was located by Kies and offered to upgrade the firmware. Success!

The upgrade took a while and I was nervous when S logo was flashing a long time but finally the phone started up with the new firmware. The GPS is much more faster now 🙂

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