Epson Expression Home XP-215 WIFI installation *SOLVED*

I bought a cheap Epson for colour printing. The shop’s ads boasted easy installation and usage – after wrestling with this, I wonder what would be a difficult installation like…

Oh, and I do know there’s a reason not to buy any other printer than HP. Once again, it was proved :-/


My laptop has a Windows 7 and I went straight to Epson’s web page and downloaded newest drivers (7.14, later found out to be a grave mistake). USB printing setup was a breeze, nothing out of the ordinary.

WLAN connection – the challenge

Epson’s Easy setup could not locate printer – tried WPS, tried USB cable (didn’t even connect, even though I could print ok), the separately installed network installation program couldn’t use USB (only serial while the help file claimed USB would be possible), so I had no methods to configure the printer’s IP nor the WLAN settings.

Google listed multiple problems with the same issue with no solutions 😮

Two hours later…

I finally gave up and installed the CD which came with the printer (it had a driver version 7.11).
The USB installation was a breeze once again and WLAN install using USB cable went straight through, it asked which access point to connect and even supplied the password itself! 5 min and I had working WLAN printing.

I don’t dare to update the drivers now.

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