Windows 10 installation problems

I had major problem on clean install of an Windows 10 Enterprise. I used the mediacreation (from MS) -tool to create an USB stick from Windows Enterprise ISO-image.

The errors include; “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one” “0x80004005” “windows cannot be installed to this disk”.

Searched for a solution, the BIOS settings did not do anything nor the other tips I encountered. Then, one youtube video contained a small piece of knowledge; the mediacreation tool did not do the right thing, the user had to “burn” the USB stick with a different program.

In this case Rufus:

When you open the Rufust and put the USB stick in, you can choose GPT type partition, choose and select the OS ISO and Start. After “burning” and booting the computer, the Windows installation was able to find the HDD and proceed with the installation.








I had no success on changing the BIOS boot order or choosing the legacy option. I hope this saves you some time digging around!


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